Erum Ashfaq

My style of painting is an amalgamation of realism and stroke work. Painting though appear in the first look as realistic but a closer look reveals each section painted with minutest strokes and where needed, knife work is done. Heritage buildings are best example of solitude. If set in afternoon shadows, I find it best to reveal my center of interest. I love to create a nostalgia, that drives one to a certain mood. I also like to give variety to my canvas. I want to celebrate the loveliness of nature by painting Roses and wild forest flowers. My happiness is always serenity of nature whether be fog or springs emerging out of lush green high lands. To me, sorrows are broken walls with dying day light. My pivotal point is certainly afternoon.  Since afternoon is the most powerful time of a day. It lies on verge of a living and a dying day. This time is gloomy and so is unfathomable. The time depicts a moment where happiness departures and sadness sets in”. To me, each passing moment settles in our souls, decorate it, nourish it, sometimes destroys it but always remains a part of us. I painted this feeling in a “Self-portrait” where I turned my head back to time that passed on but settled its remains on my soul.