Héctor L. Rodríguez

Country:      Caracas DC

Name and Surname: Héctor L. Rodríguez Born: Caracas DC. Birth Date 04/29/47 Mail: rodriguez.hectorluis@gmail.com Pag . Web: http://hector-luis.artelista.com APPLIED STUDIES Primary: Esc. Miguel Suniaga La Guaira (3rd grade) Date: 07/30/1956 "José Martí" Adult Education Center Departure: 07/24/1968
Place: Simón Rodríguez Párr. El Recreo Caracas Educ. Technique: Esc. Indus. d North Leonardo Infante Egress: 07/17/1971 Place: Los Mecedores Caracas Educ. Technique: Esc. Indus. Peripheral of Exit Car: 07/30/1972 Place: Campo Rico Petare , Edo. Miranda . Educ. Superior: Instituto Universitario Professional Improvement of the Magisterium Exit: 11/01/1982 Place: Los Dos Caminos , Edo . Miranda . Middle Technician: Visual Arts School Cristóbal Rojas Mention Pure Art Promotion Francisco de Miranda Exit: 07/30/2000 Tea technician in Superior University Program Planning Partner Community. Bolivarian University of Venezuela Departure : 03/05/08 E xhibitions C OLECTIVAS Expo. lll visual arts exhibition in Honor of the Master. In XXV EBN Armando Castillo Plaza. Venue: EBN Armando Castillo Plaza audio visual room. Date: 02/12/1996. Expo. "The Insolent Plant from Abroad" "An anti-imperialist view from popular art" The National Museums Foundation (Popular Art) Arts network room at IARTES Caracas DC Date: 12/12/09 Expo. "A Tree for Life Sculptural-pictorial project outdoors IARTES. SQUARE OF THE MUSEUMS Caracas DC. Date: 02/01/09 until 02/08/09 Artistic Activity: "From the Caracazo to the Amendment " Plaz Oleary from Caracas Caracas DC. Date: 02/27/09 Expo. "Female Primitivism" Venue: Exhibition room of Editorial Araña Valencia Spain. Date: 09/04/09 Expo. Arti - health "Breast Cancer" Venue: Arti exhibition hall - health Tarragona Spain Date: 08/08/08 Expo: With the same End ” Place: Frida Kahlo Room of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa. Sinaloa Mexico Date: 10/10/08 Expo. "With the same End" Place: Room of the Cultural Center of the Sinaloan Magisterium Prof. Agustina Anchoy Guzmán.
Sinaloa Mexico Date: 02/10/09 Participation in the 1st. Exhibition project "Children Paint their Environment". Together with the Division of Participation and Popular Education of the Mayor 's Office of the Mun. Guaicaipuro of the Bolivarian State of Miranda. Carried out at the IVIC headquarters. Edo. Miranda Date: 06/17/09 to 06/23/09 Expo. "Experiences and Reflections" Room of the College of Public Accountants of the Edo Bol de Miranda Altamira. Mun. Chacao Date: 09/27/09 Expo. 3rd National Collective of Plastic Arts (UNA) Place: IPOSTEL Headquarters Caracas DC. Date: 10/12/09 to 11/30/09 Expo. "Pictorial Exhibition Art With Aroma of COFFEE" Place Municipal Comptroller of the Bolivarian Municipality Libertador DC In its 51 Aniv. Date: 11/15/09 Expo. "COLLECTIVE a Tree for life" Venue: IARTES Caracas DC Exhibition Halls Date: 12/02/09 Expo. "11 Painters 11 Expressions" Place: Edo Medical College. Bolivariano de Miranda Av. Golf, El Bosque Caracas DC Date: 11/22/09 to 12/22/09 Expo. "The Indigenous Resistance" Place: The spaces of the Library "Rafael Fernández Heres" Caracas DC Date: 12/11/09 to 12/12/09 Expo. Nature's Footprint Place: Venezuela Hall of Waraira Repano ( Hotel Alba ) Date: 05/12/10 Expo. Madariaga's No Place: IPOSTEL San Martin Museum Caracas, DC Date: 04/29/10 to 05/30/10 Expo: Plastic Artist Day Location: City Hall D Libertador Municipality . C Date: 10/05/10 . Expo. The Network paints the Latin American and Caribbean Unity. Place: Latin American Parliament. Venezuelan Parliamentary Group. General Directorate of the Office of the Presidency. Date: 02/26 / to 03/08/2013. Expo: Plastic Artist Day Location: City Hall D Libertador Municipality . C Date: 05/10/2013 Expo: Reflections of Via Place: Arturo Michelena Foundation headquarters Ppal. BIV Caracas DC. Date: 05/10/2013 Expo; Plastic Artist Day
Place: Artist's House Date: 05/10/2013 Expo: Touch and Fight Place: Rooms of the Spider Editorial Paseo de las Facultades nº 06 Valencia Spain Date: 10/28/2012 Expo: First Landscape Exhibition Place: Museum of Fine Arts Date: 10/10/2012 Expo: The People Paint the People Place: Spaces of the Municipal Palace of DC and National Assembly. Date: 04/03/2013 Expo: Expo-International Chocolate Fair Place: Teresa Carreño Theater Cultural Complex Date: 28-29-30 / 2013 Major Arts and Letters Contest. Chapter Miranda Region Visual Arts. Los Teques House of Culture. Date: 2005 Expo. Chávez, Universal Giant Place: Teresa Carreño Theater Foundation. Date: March 05-10, 2015 Expo. Drawings Students 2nd year. Place: Gallery, "El Piso" Visual Arts School Cristóbal Rojas. Caracas DC Date: 06/11 to 05/17/99. Expo. Art explosion. Place: Francisco de Miranda Room. Cecilio Acosta House of Culture. Los Teques Edo. Miranda Date: 06/07/2007 Expo. Seven Peripheral Proposals. Place: Arturo Michelena Center for the Arts. BIV. Caracas DC Date: 07/07/2015 Expo. IV delivery of the Municipal Award “Armando Reverón Order”. Place: Vargas Municipal Council Room . La Guaira. Date: Catalog without date. Expo. Eclectic Art Place: Itinerant Community Art Museum. IPOSTEL. San Martin. Caracas, DC Date: 12/18/2007 Expo. "Eros" Place: Alba Hotel Caracas room Date: 09/27 to 10/10/2013 Expo. Great Metropolitan Painters. Place. Emilio Baggio's house. Municipal Council of the Vargas Municipality. La Guaira. Date: 05/12/2008 Expo. National Day of the Plastic Artist Place: José Félix Ribas House. Ocumare del Tuy. Tomás Lander Municipality. Edo. Miranda. Date: 10 / to 05/17/2003 Expo. The Seven Symbols, Matter, Infinity.
Place: Room of the College of Public Accountants of the Edo. Miranda. La Castellana, Mun. Chacao. Edo. Miranda. Date: 2006. Expo. Confluences. Unlimited. Place: IDEPROCOP Headquarters Room. La Castellana. Mun. Chacao. Edo. Miranda. Date: 09/22 / 10-04-2008. Expo. Plastic artist's day: "Armando Reverón". Place. Court of the Lions. Caracas Museum. Mun Palace. from DC Caracas. DC Date: 05/10/2011. Expo. Mirandino Artists "Ethnographic Show". Place: Petare Museum of Popular Art. (Barbaro Ribas). Colonia de Petare helmet. Mun. Sucre. Edo. Miranda. Date: 08/18 to 09/29/1996. Expo. Approach to the Folkloric. Location: G ALLERY of Contemporary Art: "Tito Salas" Date: 07/20/1996 and 20 . Expo. 1st Drawing and Painting Salon. Place: Library Foundation: "Luis D´Suze N". Place: Library Room: "Luis D ´Suze N". Date: 12/01/1996. Expo. Cultural Values  
 Meeting. Place: AC House "Renacer venezolano". Date: 06/16/200 Place. AC House “Renacer venezolano”. Date: 06/28/2003 Expo. The train unites us. (Itinerant through the Valles del Tuy) . Place: La Guadalupe Hacienda (FUDESEM headquarters). Ocumare. Charallave Prefecture. Cristóbal Rojas. Date: 05/27/2005. Expo. We are not 7. We are many more. Place: MPPE spaces. Caracas, DC `+ Date: 06/10/2011. Expo. Now we are more. Place: MPPE spaces. Caracas, DC Date: 11/10/2012. Expo. Expo. International (ARTENERGIA). WITH THE SAME END. Place: Achoy House. Culiancán, Sinaloa, Mexico. Date: 10/02/2009. Expo. Organic Collective. Place: Cultural Center of the Sinaloan Magisterium Casa Achoy. Sinaloa, Mexico. Date: 01/21/2011. Expo. Coffee Aroma Art. Venue: Frida Kahlo Art Gallery . Culiacán de Rosales, Sinaloa, Mexico. Date: 09/01/2011. Expo. Miguel de Cervantes IVº Centenario.
Place: Protocol Plate of the Teresa Carreño Theater. Date: 04/22 to 05/15/2016 Expo. February Insurgent. Place: Caracas Museum. Mun Palace. from Caracas DC Date: 02/12/2013. Expo. LIº Scientific Conference of the Medical Colloquia. Place: Hall of the Military Hospital, Dr. Carlos Arvelo. Date: 06/15/2014 Expo. Love and feeling. Place: USM room. El Paraíso, Caracas DC Date: 10/28 to 12/01/2015. Expo. This is where Chávez passed. Place: Museum of Contemporary Art of Cumaná Castillo San Antonio de la Eminencia. Cumaná Edo. Sucre. Date: 09/04 to 09/10/2015. Expo. "Harmony" Place: Cultural Complex "Cruz Felipe Iriarte". Maiquetía, La Güaira Edo. Vargas. Date: 05/07 to 06/04/2009. Expo. Presence. Place: Room of the Medical College of the DC Urb. Sta. Fe. Edo. Miranda. Date: 11/25 to 01/10/2000. Expo. Dialogue. Place: Room of the College of Public Accountants of the Edo. Miranda (IDEPROCOP). La Castellana. Mun. Chacao. Edo. Miranda. Date: 09/26/2011. Expo. Homage to: Frida Kahlo. Place: BIV Foundation Room. Caracas DC Date: 09/21/2007. Expo. Paracotos people. Place: Cecilio Acosta House of Culture . Los Teques Edo. Miranda. Date: 03/09 to 03/23/2007. Expo. Intangible ... Moments of Light. Place: Hall of the College of Public Accountants of the Edo. Miranda (IDEPROCOP). Mun. Chacao. Edo. Miranda. Date: 09/24/2007. Expo. Chávez, Working Woman and Banmujer Place: BANMUJER Headquarters Room. F Check : 4/11/2014. Expo. Venezuela paints Martí. Place: Casa de Nuestra América José Martí. Date: 01/21/2013. Expo. Plastic Arts Hall Santa Teresa de Ávila. Place: UNESR room. Valley. Caracas DC Date: 07/03/2015. Expo. Joropo: Colors of my Earth.
Place: Protocol Hall of the Teresa Carreño Theater. Caracas, DC Date: 12/17/2014 to 02/08/2015. Expo. April 19 . Place: “Rafael Fernández Heres” Library Date: 04/30 to 05/29/2009. Expo. 8tav. Drawing Rescue Sample. Place: Athenaeum of Guacara. Guacara Edo. Carabobo. Date: 02/26/2011. Expo. Plastic Artist Day. "Armando Reverón". Place: Municipal Palace of Caracas. Caracas, DC Date: 05/31/2017. Expo. Homage to the Poets: Rubén Ruiz, Omar Filomeno and Abraham Génis. Place: Edo Medical College. Miranda. Date: 06/05 to 07/04/2011. INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITION Expo. "Transcendence" Place: Charallave Mun Art Network Room. Cristóbal Rojas Edo. Miranda. Date: 08/12/09 to 10/30/09 Expo. Lands that heard me. Place: Café con Letra Room , Caracas DC. Date: 12/06/ 2016 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Recognition in the Municipal Award "Order Armando Reverón ”Municipal Council of Edo. Vargas . (DIPLOMA) Date: 09/18/08 Municipal Recognition Award "Order Armando Rever or n" Municipal Council of the Edo. Vargas . (DIPLOMA) Date: 09/15/09 Recognition by awarding me the Waraira Repano Order in its First Class. Plastic Artist Day . Libertador District Municipal Council Caracas DC Date: 05/12/09 REPRESENTED (WORKS) Editorial spider, valencia Spain Anchoy House Sinaloa, Mexico Visual Arts School Cristóbal Rojas Caracas DC Venezuela.