Mercédès SORET

I was born in 1971 in town of Elbeuf, France. After a musicology degree, I taught piano in Rouen for several years. Then I added to my training a BTS Logistics which allowed me to work  in the Transport-Logistics sector. In 2006, I followed my husband to Alençon, where I devoted myself entirely to painting. In this field, I am self-taught. I currently live in Essay, near Alençon, where I have set up my workshop. My work is inspired by sculpture, and rediscovers sculpture through the centuries, from the Classical to the Renaissance. I reinterpret works by Michelangelo, Camille Claudel, Houdon, Carpeaux, Messerschmidt .... Thanks to a digital’s metamorphosis and the addition of colors, I offer these wonders of the past a new existence in the world of contemporary art. I chose the quality of oil on canvas so that I could work in transparency, use the material, make color’s gradients or accentuate the outlines, depending on what the subject inspires me. My style is difficult to define… It can sometimes be closer to Pop Art, or others time to be closer to Street Art. I am not inspired by any particular artist…. Since 2016, I favor the virtual for my exhibitions, because it allows me to make my work known around the world more easily, without traveling. The development of the virtual makes art more accessible, especially for contemporary art.