Neptune WI

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Mix media on Canvas
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Mouhamed Ndiaye "Mooxamed" was born in 1987 in Senegal. He always paints; it’s natural for him as breathing. He had an inexhaustible thirst to learn, explore new horizons and discover the artistic world. Always looking for new inspirations and influences, when he wasn’t actually created, it reinvents and imagines new concepts. 
Mouhamed is graduated from the Training Department of Arts Education Professors at the National School of Arts in Dakar and received with honors his Master’s Degree in Visual Arts. There he learned the mixing color, the diversity of pictural techniques and plastics.  
Presently, Mouhamed lives and works in Senegal. Apart from his artist cap, he’s also a Professor of Arts at the Ministry of National Education. In recent years, he participated in national exhibitions, international exhibitions group and biennial in Argentina, Belgium, Costa Rica, Colombia, China, France, Italy, India, Portugal, Greece, Mexico, Japan, Republic of Korea, Russia, Sweden, Singapore, Turkey, Nepal, Peru, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, USA… and opened in workshops and symposiums. The subjects of his works are found according to his journeys; most often these are scenes insights from the way. His creations are an invitation to contemplation and confrontation between fixity and movement. 

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