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Country: Latvia
City: Rida
In 1985 – 1992 I studied in the Latvian Academy of Arts, Art Pedagogy department. In 2007 – 2011 I studied in Baltic International Academy and got Master’s degree of art in computer design. Since 1993 I’m working in the Bauska Art School, teaching painting and computer design. Along with pedagogical activity I participate in the exhibitions, plain airs and other art projects.  
In my works I try to combine traditional painting with technology applications, expressive use of color and tonal contrasts often. My works are characterized by an emotionally expressive mood. Those are subjective stories with using of color and thus I am trying to understand the world around me and myself. 
Born:  09.06.1962. 
2007 - 2011 the Baltic International Academy, the Department of Computer design, Professional Master’s Degree in design 
1985 - 1992 the Latvia Academy of Art, the Department of Pedagogy, Bachelor’s degree in art education 
1980  graduated  Balvi Secondary  School 
Working expierence: 
From 2018 computer graphic lecturer at Education Center „Aveta”, Riga 
From 2018 computer graphic teacher at Culture and Sport Center „Auseklis” for  Children and Adult , Riga  
From  2012  painting and computer graphic  teacher at Iecava Music and Art School 
From  2011 self  employed person 
2011 – 2013 computer graphic lecturer at Career Growth College, Riga 
From 1993 painting and computer graphic teacher at Bauska Art School 
1990 – 1994 Art Department of Bauska Museum of History and Art 
1990 – 1991 Drawing teacher in Riga 45th Secondary School 
1987 – 1990 Draftsman in Department of Archeology, Restoration Institute 1984 – 1987 Drawing teacher in Riga 13th Secondary School 
1981 – 1984 Draftsman in Department of Archeology, Historic Institute 
Languages:  latvian, russian, english 
Exhibitions, art projects: 
Art Days 2020. Covid – 19. Latvian Artists Virtual Visual Art Exhibition / 20.04. – 31.05.2020 / 
Solo exhibition “Waiting for the spring”  12 April – 12 May / 2019 at Jurbarkas Regional Museum, Lithuania;  project organized Jurbarkas Regional Musem and International Association “Anima Mundi”  collaborate with Gabrieles meno gallery 
1st  International Contemporary Women Artist’s Biennale 2018 NO STAND ART                                                                                                                  13 october / 30 november 2018                                                             
 Lithuania Gelgaudiskis Manor 
Solo exhibition “Bauskas vasara” in Bauska Art School / 1 February – 15 March 
The Mediterranean: A Sea of Conflicting Spiritualities                                      
13 November 2017 – 7 January  2018                                                                                            
1st  International edition of  Mithogenia Expo Fair  In Vila Viçosa - Alentejo – PORTUGAL / 15 SEP/18 OCT, 2017 
Jāzeps Pīgoznis Award in Latvian Landscape Painting   3rd exhibition at Riga St. Peter’s Church                                                     
21.03. – 04.06.2017  
Solo exhibition “Untitled”, Aizkraukle, Latvia 
Internatinal art festival “ANIMA MUNDI 2016”, Šiauliai, Lithuania 
Plain air “Bauskas vasara 2016” , Latvia 
 International Art Festival  ANIMA MUNDI Lithuania - Georgia 2015 Organizators: Holistic Theater of Movement „S”, Siauliai Art Gallery, Gallery Qarvasla, Tbilisi / 2015 
Juried group exhibition „Pavasara atmoda 2” in the Liepāja Museum, Latvia  
Solo exhibition „Okeāns un pieci saulrieti” in the gallery „Meistars Gothards” Bauska, Latvia 
Group exhibition in the Bauska Art School, Latvia 
Painting symposium and group exhibition in Svitene, Latvia 
International plain air „Bauskas vasara” group exhibition in the Bauska Local History and Art Museum, Bauska, Latvia 
International plain air group exhibition in the Baltinava Centre of Culture, Latvia 
Group exhibition in the Bauska Local History and Art Museum, Latvia 
Group exhibition „Šķērsiela uz audekla” in the cinema „Splendid Palace”, Riga, Latvia 
Group exhibition „Laikabiedri” in the Contemporary Art Center Vitebsk, Belarus 
Painting symposium and group exhibition in Svitene, Latvia 
Group exhibition of contemporary art project „White Night” in the Iecava Local History and Sport museum, Latvia 
Plain air „Bauskas vasara” group exhibitions in the gallery „Meistars Gothards”, Bauska, Latvia / 2004 - 2016 

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