ART Peace and Tolerance

It was a pleasure to day to be with you here  ,i will not talk  about my experienlices :  art and peace in the world , but we are here to gather , to talk about how we can tell the others that  the art can be a message of  peace ,coexistence and new model of development?
Supporting art means advancing knowledge in all fields and serving the noblest of professions of artists. Today we launched the world happiness , we are building a new reality for people , a new future for our children, because  art is a new model of development and  perfect message of peace and tolerance for youth and the future. To make this work, we must believe artist peoples, Human beings – their ideas, innovations, dreams, and connections – are the capital of the future. In this sense, the “ art ” is not so much an achievement in itself as it is a leading indicator of development, because where great art minds go today, great things will happen tomorrow.
 The art has been the driving force behind the transformation of modern life   and the establishment of the peace on the world stage. Today Morocco stands as a major centre for international trade as well as tourism and is home to over many people representing many nationalities. As a passionate proponent of open, service-led governance and strategic planning, his majesty the king Mohammed 6 has led major reforms to make government more business-like. The swift, yet progressive, governmental improvements have taken place through a bundle of well-thought-out initiatives driven by innovation, creativity and the principles of transparency and accountability. his vision for Morocco has been proven successful through achieving in the excellent relation between south/south , and Africa and the world : the King s Moroccan African Dream. For King Mohammed VI , south\south cooperation should be an economic and political reality, not a shallow slogan. He is a spiritual leader, a commander of the faithful, preaching an open and tolerant Islam and Our land has always been a safe harbour for great thinkers. we have welcomed innovative minds and given them the freedom to create by working together.
 Morocco will partner with many Europeans, Americans, Asians and Africans countries to share intelligence and successful ways to combat terrorism and art is a perfect one for this .Sure  some of  these countries  still suffer from a chronic talent exodus But now in Morocco something remarkable is happening, the brain drain has reversed its flow. The causes are fascinating, and there is reason to be optimistic that the vicious cycle can be broken, transforming the balance of hope and opportunity between developing and developed economies. Really we can admire the governance capability of Morocco Government and especially in the Health, Safety and Environmental field and place where keeping all religion comfortable to stay. So, we say: Give people an art chance and see the difference, And create enormous art opportunities for artist, to realize their dream like now  . There are many people out there just waiting for a chance like this! Moreover, as artists, we hope that we have this challenge. Because, many poor countries still suffer from many problems, therefore, don t be the first forgetting the many years of experience that we have. Let us build the bridge of peace, coexistence and tolerance between these countries, because people are still willing to learn more about art, peace and development. We can show them the way for their goals. We can put a full stop for many wars just by art, because the artist’s job is to achieve happiness for people. Let us make the different countries in the world will be one home for every one, where he can live in peace and he can say: “My home is where I can eat and be safe and realize my own dreams.” khira jalil president  of Art's wings Fofum. 
Khira jalil 
The book: Aesthetic application and problematic documentation
P: 70
Publish  2017 Morocco