Mahboob Ali

Mother nature has rewarded humankind with its most precious and valuable capability and it is creative impulse. Deeply rooted in its evolutionary processes the “art” over the period has grown into most effective medium of expression and allures those who appreciate its significance in highlighting achievements of human civilizations. The main thrust of my current endeavor is to present a dream of peaceful and prosperous life, and no doubt most of us envy such life that obviously is achievable with persistent struggle. I present “Huma” a mythical bird capable of doing wonders including granting people kingdoms. In my paintings it has been portrayed as a totem o well being and when it shades over a woman, she becomes a source of luck, liberty and prosperity.    My paintings also focus on women offering hope, attraction and achievement through their never-ending efforts challenging oppression, tyranny and taboos spanning over centuries of human existence. Their large and full of life eyes show their commitment, determination and all-seeing features having resemblance with Horus’s eye (ancient Egyptian god). Thus, these are capable to not only understand the past but also don’t shy away from contemporary challenges.   It is the topic of my paintings and I tried to make it a truth. This pursuit has given my brush significant strength to animate this truth with a shape. I believe it successfully reflects the aspirations of millions of marginalized we commonly portray as “Woman”.

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Maboob Ali