Mahwish Zahid

My work is manifestation of my struggle and aspiration to achieve excellence, success and recognition as a ceramic’s artist and its reflection of my thoughts, perception and experience of ceramics creation in Pakistan. Ceramics is not just the art & design it also categorizes as craft that has been identity of Pakistani heritage. As a ceramics artist I struggle between traditional and modern ceramics crafts and arts. My work mostly covers calligraphy and design patterns. I designed modern wall murals in regular and irregular forms based on different types of lines, texture and space by maintaining balance and rhythm. my works on clay with vibrant nontraditional colors and is a very flexible medium with great artist should not be limited and caged into the box of traditional crafts only. I wish to build connection between the modern and traditional ceramics art practices through my art work. Justaju is my hope to move traditional ceramics practices to modern art.