Nazir Ahmad

     Nazir is a competent landscape painter. He has a special gift for it. His paintings have dignified simplicity, charm and freshness, which reminds one of the style of celebrated landscape painters. Whether it is a scene of countryside, park, farm, cityscape or a solitary tree, he creates honest and outstanding work.Nazir has remarkable technical skill but his real appeal lies in his attitude towards art. He believes in seeing into the inner nature of things and strives to express it. His style depicts quality and character of his theme. Naturalness and simplicity are thus the two outstanding merits of his art.As a child, Nazir delighted himself in rural environments. He wandered through farms, fields, forests and orchards and was captivated by their charms. As he grew up, he not only enjoyed looking at them but also studied them with the creative urge of an artist. That is why most of his paintings are a picture of the memories of his early years. Whether spread out on large composition or small drawings, Nazir’s landscapes moves every sensitive mind. Each of his paintings has its characteristic mood and creates a corresponding impression. Although he bears no resemblance to the famous artist who was assessed a great artist by Prince Yuan on the mere report that he had taken off his clothes and squatted cross-legged, yet the connoisseurs might say about Nazir.

“Will do, he is a true artist.”

The Late Sheikh Zafar Iqbal