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Sara Javaid

   The construction of roads, metro bus and Orange Line in Lahore besides being a step towards development, is hurting the city’s economy, its culture, heritage and most importantly the environment, thus effecting the human life and health. Historical monuments are being effected, houses are being damaged, traffic is being disturbed, trees are cut off and pollution is growing for the sake of development. The body of art work is a sarcastic commentary on the effects of the construction of the Orange Line. For the depiction of the damage caused by the construction I have used the elements from the natural environment along with the elements taken from the construction site.

   The thesis aims to address the contemporary social issue regarding the destruction caused by the construction. Though it is given the name of development, yet the common man is devoid of the basic necessities for a living. Through visual representation I am conveying to the viewers the concept that man-made thing is highly affecting the natural environment.