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Alemania Guarderas Montufar

Guayaquileña, all her life has been dedicated entirely to art. Active member of: Las Peñas Cultural Association since 1982, House of Ecuadorian Culture Núcleo del Guayas since 1997. He is also a founding member of the Artistic Collective Arte Meraki since 2016. 
 He has served as President of the Las Peñas Cultural Association in the period 1995 - 1996 and in the Artistic Collective Artebarro Meraki in 2016 - 2018. Due to his extensive career, he is worthy of important national and international awards such as: "Gold Brush" of Assoc. Cultural Las Peñas, year 1995 among others that consolidate his career, in the same way he has made national and international exhibitions in countries such as Ecuador, Canada, USA, Cuba respectively. 
Her painting is impressionist, her favorite subject being roses - flowers in general as well as landscapes. She expresses that she loves working with oil and the palette knife, being fascinated by the shapes, textures and intense striking colors. Currently she shares her inspiration between painting and clay with which she is totally in love. 
. Member of the Cultural Association "Las Peñas" (1982) 
. Active Member of the Casa de la Cultura Nucleo del Guayas (1997) 
. Founding Member 2016/2018 and President of Grupo Artebarro Meraki. 
. Treasurer, Cultural Association "Las Peñas" (1993-1995) 
. President of the Cultural Association "Las Peñas" 1995-1996. Awards and honours 
. Diploma of Honor First Bolivian Salon of Plastic Arts. 
. Award: "Gold Brush" (July 1995) Cultural Association. " The miseries". 
. Awarded by: The Congress of the Republic and the Ecuadorian Government itself grants her a Recognition as a distinguished Cultist of Ecuadorian art. And former President of the Cultural Association “Las Peñas” for Culture and the fine arts. Quito / 06 / June / 2002 
. First Prize: In design of ”Jewelry” 2006 and 2007 Festival de. 
Art & Crafts .Hialeah -Miami. 
. First Prize: In "Decoupage" in 3D Plastic Arts Section Fair of the Municipalities of Cuba in exile.Miami, FL. 
. First Prize: Ceramic Painting (2006) Hialeah, FL. 
. Award: Bronze Medal (October 2010). Vicente Rocafuerte Lay University School of Design. 
. 1st. International Meeting of Visual Arts. Province of Santa Elena. August / 2016 
. I International Meeting of Cyclists-3rd National Meeting 09/29 and October 2, 2016 
. The Guayaquil Urdesa-Central Lions Club, for the contribution to universal Arts, upon completion of the Institutional Golden Jubilee. 10/26/2018 
. First Place Acquisition. Women's Hall / 2019. House of Ecuadorian Culture-Núcleo del Guayas. 
. 2nd Edition of the Watercolor Salon. November 2019. House of Ecuadorian Culture Núcleo del Guayas. 
. Feminine Society of Culture Foundation Art Center Theater International Women's Day 2019 - 2020 
. From the Ministry of Culture and Heritage. How 
Member of the Cultural Association "Las Peñas" for 50 years Institutional Creation. 08/24/2016 
. Of the Artistic Technical Fiscal College of Fine Arts Juan José Plaza. As a Cultural Gesture in favor of the dissemination of Art and Culture in the Country. 
. ll International Biennial of Painting. Museum of Modern Art. 
Basin. October / 12/1988 
. ME. Guayaquil Municipality / Municipal Museum. 
Female Salon of Plastic Arts. October / 1989 
. Cultural Association "Las Peñas" From 1982- to 
  Virtual Exhibition Art in Action Women, virtual August 2020 
  Galaxia Ecuador Exhibition with Enrico Cargnino and Fundación Bellas Artes Ecuador Feb 2020 
  International Exhibition ¡er. International Meeting of Art and Culture, July 2019 
. Hall of WOMEN 2017,2018, 2019, 2020 
. Grupo Artebarro Meraki (Ceramics, in ancestral techniques) 2016 to the present. 
. 1st International Meeting of Art and Culture .Fundación Bellas Artes Ecuador .July / 2019 
. Foundation Bella Artes Ecuador. World March for Peace and Nonviolence. 10/12/2019 
. Universal Woman Inspiration Passion and Beauty a collection of 40 paintings. March 6, 2020, Aracely Gilbert room. House of Ecuadorian Culture Núcleo del Guayas. 
. The Skin is Dressed in Color From my balcony. 05/10/2020 Mother's Day Virtual Tribute. 
. 1st Virtual Exhibition and International Competition Prisma Internacional. Visual Artists. Chile, June / 2020 
. Innumerable National Exhibitions, Auctions, etc. International Exhibitions: 
. Organized by: ”Ecuarte 93” National Youth House. Ecuadorian Cultural Solidarity. ”Unesco Group”. 
. Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Quebec in Canada. (1993) 
. New York, Washington, Boston in the United States (1993) 
. Latin American Art Museum “Spring International Exhibition. (2002) 
. Latin American Art Museum ”In Memoria 9/11 September (2002) 
. Latin American Art Museum ”Autumn Salon“ November 2003 
. Summer International Exhibition (In Memoriam: Celia Cruz) 8/8/2003