Azher Dakil Mohsen

Azher Dakil Mohsen

Born in Basra 1963

1986 'B.F.A. Babel University 1985

M.F.A. Plastic art. Drawing. Basrah University 2002

-P.H,D. Plastic art. Babylon University 201S

Current Position Instructor of Fine Collage University of Basrah

1994/ Worked as Instructor of Fine Arts Institute _ Basrah 1988

1998 / Worked as Instructor of Arts in Jordan 1997

Membership of Iraqi Artist Union Since 1988

In Basrah Membership of Iraqi plastic artist society

Membership of Absoo Art Group

Membership of Tri — New York

Art Activities

Artist Syndicate Exhibition Basrah Since

Iraqi Day Arts Exhibition in 1989

Postgraduate Exhibition in Fine Arts Collage Basrah University Plastic

Artist Association Exhibition in Basrah

CAVS Exhibition in Baghdad 2004

The Exhibition of Poetical Mirbad Since 2004

The Fourth penal in Iran

Poster Exhibition with Art & Culture in Basrah & Baghdad

Exhibition by Absoo Art Group in Basrah & Baghdad

Art Articles Published in some Local Papers

Training in Foggia University — Italia