Hülya Gülmez

Born on April 1, 1974, Mersin City, Turkey

Participating in art activities: 1991-2021

Current job: Teaching at Yunus Emre Cultural Center

President of Universal Awareness Platform

President of the USART Association.

The president of Usart Association “International culture and Art society and Health Eco Tourism Association”

Regularly organize international art events

Facebook: Ressam Hülya Gülmez


International art events that artist Ressam Hülya Gülmez Artist has organized


  •  The 47th Anniversary of the Cyprus Peace Campaign in Turkey
  •  Very few of your hands- Great success


  • 100 with 100 works by artist
  •  Peace and International. The 9th Art Exhibition
  •  Màu sắc của cộng hòa


  •  "COLORS OF THE WORLD"in Turkey
  •  Art Day