Mariam Baidoshvili

Country: Gerogia

City: Tbilisi

Georgian painter Mariam Baidoshvili  was born in 1989 in Signaghi.She  lives and works in Tbilisi. She is a graduate of Tbilisi State Art Academy a master of fine Art.   Her paintings have  been  exhibited in  various  exhibitions.  She has  held 5  personal  exhibitions.  Besides  she is the  prise winner of   Pierre  Haesler  Art  Foundation Competition.  


2012 Art   Academy  Exhibition  Hall

2013  Patriarch Exhibition Hall

2013 Kutaisi Parliament  Exhibition Hall, Exhibition of paintings  dedicated  to “Dede  Gorgud” .And  the  presentation of  “Dede Gorgud “  book  illustrated  with the  paintings.

2013  Exhibition Hall  of The Public  Library

2013 Batumi   International Festival

2013 Pierre  Haesler  Competition  Winner

2013  Youth Palace  -  Presentation  of the book  “Dede Gorgud”

2014 “Sfumato” Gallery

2014 United  Colours of  Beneton  -  “ Imago  Mundi”

2015 Art  Caffe  “Tiflis Brunch”

2015 V. Chabukiani  Museum

2016  Tumanishvili Theatre  Exhibition  Hall

2016  Pro Credit  Bank  Exhibition Hall

2017 Georgian  Culture days  in Spain

2017 Illustration  of  Calendar  for  Year 2018

Also her  works  are on




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Her paintings are  saved in private collections in the  U.S.A .   Bulgaria.  Kazakhistan. Hangary.  Britain. Georgia.

 Solo exhibition Ofening day 22 may 19:00    K. aphkhadzis #4. Leselidze street. Tiflis brunch.

Exhinition until 4 june