Babita Maheswary

The only thing which can discribe me is passion for colour, forms and shapes. Basically I am a self-taught artist born on 30 Sep 1981 based in Delhi India. I never ever thought to be an artist but love for painting was from childhood as a result I collected many awards and certificates. As I entered teenage my father expired and the life changed. Somehow I completed my graduation from Delhi University and got married. After 14 year of marriage a dramatic change took place in my life , I realised I have no path of my own, I started feeling uneasy as if I am missing something in my life and I strongly started finding goal which can give actual sense to my  life. At this point I decided to convert my hobby in profession, having no knowledge of colour, medium, tool and techniques I  started working hard and finally it took around more than 3 years of pain , to begin, to find my way as a self-taught artist, During this hard time George Eliot quote always inspired me    "It's Never Too Late to Be What You Might Have Been ".    Now a fire has burned in me which cannot be extinguished by anyone anyhow.  My artwork is exhibited in India and abroad too  , attended various art events and received many prizes and certificates . Today painting has become passion to me it’s like dissolving myself in the ocean of colours.

 My curious soul and beautiful amazing nature is an inspiration to my work , it starts from early morning yoga to late night moon sight every thing in this world is an inspiration you just need a vision to catch it. Every good deed done by my soul is an inspiration to my work. Apart from colours like acrylic, oil and water I love to work with mixed media , texture paint. I can use any tool in my artwork it can be cap of  container, plastic, paper ,net , newspaper, sponge, thread etc anything which inspires me.I paint for myself as it gives me immense satisfaction, positive vibes and a feeling of meditation . My artworks will surely be an asset for art lovers as it is full of warmth, energy and positiveness. One thing is for sure “If you are going to lead a meaningful life, you have to believe that you have something good which you can give to world”.