Lena kelekian

Being in lockdown was very productive for me, as it was the first time that my husband & I, two artists had to stay at home in total confinement and give up our extensive art travel schedule. In fact I created 2 new lines with a completely different approach in fine arts, I was commissioned to paint the beautiful icon of Vladimirskaja, also painted a lot of abstract works as I had at home some canvases and paints & was lucky to find a box gifted to me from S. Korea since 2010 inside it a treasure of silk paper, black ink & brushes! When I felt spring was coming I was compelled to paint flowers that transported me out to the expansive meadows.The confinement became an inspiration for me to conceive and curate an international virtual exhibition of Mask Art for 252 international artists from 120 countries in 3 weeks’ time, entitled “Creativity under Lockdown - Artists against Covid 19”.