Nicole Musser

I am a Pop-Surrealist mixed media artist ( Pop Surrealism is a genre that is a pop- culture infused art form with influences of surrealism).  I create paintings to stir the imagination. I find populating my paintings with Hollywood stars from long ago an extension of my love for classic films. Although, I am not restricted solely to Hollywood themes.  Pop culture, classic paintings, and the romantic imagery of a Neruda poem are just a few examples of what will inspire me.   I’d like to say that I do paintings with social significance but the truth is that I like to create work meant to amuse.  Quite a bit of my pieces have a lot of humor in them.  When people see my paintings they laugh and look at me with an appreciative nod,as though saying  “ yeah, I get that” which really pleases me.  There are so many other artists who can express the “tragic state of the world” far better than I- I leave it to them.  But creating a painting that makes people smile, feel good and sparks their imagination is far more satisfying for me.