Wissam Drira

Our heritage is deep, and our civilization deeper. Our cultural heritage stands out  in the work of our ancestors, which we inherited from generation to generation.  Personalities who left and did not return, memories of pictures scattered here  and there mixed with the past and the present to witness evolution, symbols and  signs that have permeated and rooted in our minds and things that have been  associated with us from eternity “Malaya and Haram”, “Zirbi and Marqum”,  “Chechia and meal”, “Braking and language”, “Silver and copper” , “Oligarch and  the Jar,” “Tebsi, and the Kasbah”… products that suggest originality and tradition  as evidence of a civilization with deep roots.  My work was based on evoking this heritage and highlighting nostalgia for the  past, Nostalgia the beautiful time in which the soul fused with simplicity in the  offering and the depth of the content.