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Beauty is Spirit

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Acrylic on Canvas
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My childhood was spent in Bahawalnagar district of Punjab, and I Intermediate from Punjab, after coming to Karachi from Punjab in 2002, I joined the field of art and took admission in ACIAC in 2008 and also got useful tips from A. S. Rind Sahib.  after pass  out there in 2013, I started to make art as a profession during my career I joined Abbas Kamnagar, who further polished me and helped me for improving of drawing, oil painting and acrylic painting He taught me about different mediums of colour and techniques which led me to know about colour usages and techniques. These same techniques later became useful in my painting style. I used Acrylic as a medium and apply them with knife and brush in different ways Naturally I like some bright shades of colours and I also use these shades with combination of other shade in my paintings. Since living in Karachi, I has been associated only with art and paints female figure as a symbol of lights of love along with various elements are also featured in the paintings to make it beautiful, I participated in following group shows solo Exhibitions.


Group Show in Karachi 2015

Group Show in Karachi 2016

 Grandure Art Gallery 2017

Alhamrah art Gallery in Lahore in 2017

Fine Art Gallery karachi 2017  

SoLo Exhibition in Hamail art gallery 2017 lahore

Group Show of Husn-e-Zan in Oyster Art Gallery Lahore in 2018

Alhamrah art Gallery in Lahore in 2018

Solo Exhibition The ECLOSED FEELING 2019 At Oyster Art Gallery

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