Cassiopeia - SEGINA

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Acrylic on Canvas
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 Siauliai Conservatoire, Choirmaster, (1986-1989), (Lithuania) Qualification/Subjects: Choirmaster, classical singing, piano, music history, music theory, composition, pedagogy, psychology etc. Choirmaster, music teacher  Kaunas Technology University, Business administration faculty, (1990-1992), (Lithuania) Q/ S: Business administration, marketing, accounting, management, politics, psychology, economy, philosophy, world arts history etc. (Half time) Business administration
 Siauliai University, Art faculty (1992-1996), (Lithuania) Q/S: Painting, drawing, graphics, textile technologies, world art history, psychology, pedagogy, geometry, perspective, philosophy, arts technologies etc. Artist, drawing geometry, art technologies, pedagogy  Association Edducar- Neuropsychoeducation (2012-2014) (Argentina) Q/S: Neuropsychoeducator, neuropsychotrainer  (International)
 Siauliai University (Lithuania)  MA, Social Sciences, Musical Education, (Theme: Social Practice Art) (2017-2019)
The creative activities include holistic art, interdisciplinary art - painting, graphics, music, poetry, movement theater, photography, video art.
In 2004  started work at the Holistic Movement Theater "S". The treatre was established in 1990,  it has expanded from movement performances and music production to interdisciplinary educational projects and various other events in Lithuania and abroad. In 2007 was nominated and awarded at the World Festival of Modern Dance in Mumbai (India) for international relations and cultural dissemination. Curator of international exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. Since 2006 Member of the ambient music association, Ambient Music Garden (UK). Released 17 music albums, music for documentaries and plays. Publications: Interviews and publications on art and culture on various portals in Lithuania, Italy, art works and articles in the almanac FAKfulness (Poland). The poetry is published on the US portal World Press and Indian literary magazines. 
Projects: In 2016 the international association IAF ANIMA MUNDI was established. It is a platform of professionals and innovators from different countries in the fields of culture, art, science and education. The art, education and science research project ANIMA MUNDI is aimed at artists from around the world. Since 2016 president of this association. Starting in 2018 the Association organizes the International Project of Social Practice ART and the International Biennial of Contemporary Art NO standART. IAF ANIMA MUNDI events never take place in the same spaces, they migrate in Lithuania and often move to other countries. Preparations are under way for the establishment of an International Migrant Academy ANIMA MUNDI, bringing together cultural and scientific professionals from around the world.
Exhibitions and awards: Over 50 solo and group exhibitions have been organized in Lithuania and abroad (Denmark, Italy, India, Netherlands, Georgia, Latvia, Estonia, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Hungary, Portugal, Malta, etc.). In 2011 the exhibition collection ATLAS OBSCURA has won a bronze award in the international competition organized by the Netherlands F.G.S.  gallery. Later the works participated in the international exhibition of Scandinavian mythological art in Brondum, Denmark, Katrineholm Gallery, Kerteminde International Art Festival in Denmark.
In 2012 the OPENART project took place in Rome (Italy) at the prestigious Sale del Bramante Gallery, where the ATLAS OBSCURA collection was presented. In 2013 International Art Festival in Brondum, personal exhibition opened at Mimers Gallery (Denmark). In 2015 the works were presented in the global artist almanac PEACE, which is published annually in Damascus (1200 pages). In 2015 and 2017 - OSTEN Drawing Biennial in Macedonia.
In 201718 International Contemporary Art Biennial in Malta APSMDINA BIENNAL, THE EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE Valetta. In 2018 the film "Caerdroia" (directed by Z. Vilutytė, music by Z. Vilutytė, G. Dapkevičius) was screened at the International Vigilia International Earth Art Festival in Norway.
In 2019 Honorary Artist Award at the International Biennial in Belgrade (Serbia), organized by the Belgrade Cultural and Artistic Association.
In 2019 International Exhibition of Miniatures Art, Budapest DUAL Gallery, Hungary. Personal exhibition in Kaunas Business Park AUSRA, ‘Terra Nova’.
2020 the project of World artists association in Marocco, Online exhibition in Turkey.
Paintings and drawings are on display at the World Museum of Drawings in Macedonia, at the Mark K. Gregorovich Memorial Museum in Brudve, Montenegro and at the D. Kipiani Memorial Museum in Georgia. Most of art works went to private collections - in Portugal, Malta, India, UK, Sweden, Russia, Latvia, USA and others.

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