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City of Gold V

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Country / City: Germany / Darmstadt 
Age/ personal information: 11th of June 1959 / married, father of a son 
Qualification: Dieter got his first informal education in art by his father, who was a very talented painter and sculptor. Wolfgang Göddertz a well-known artist from Germany, who won different art and design prices, taught him composition, to work with colour schemes and the development from concept to sketches and artworks.  In photography, Dieter was educated by two engineers of photo technics and design and started to work with fine art photography in 1978 as self-employed photographer, with his own studio. 
Dieter worked with all analogue formats and camera types. He invented a transportable dark room solution and used it, when he worked as a photographer at live music gigs from bands like The Cure, Simple Minds, Human League or others. He used to work out his own prints in Black and White as well as coloured photographs and did many experiments during the chemical processes. He found interesting ways to highlight details and hidden treasures. Today in times of digital photography Dieter still loves to do experimental photography to express his creativity, because he knows it is possible to find more than the surface, which can be presented. 
 Even though he changed his profession several times, studied Philosophy, German language and Linguistic, is working as a teacher today, Dieter stayed to work as a photographer, and did Fine Art just for his own pleasure. All the years he enjoyed his photos without exhibit his art. In January 2018, he decided to publish his artworks at LinkedIn and got wide international attention and invitations to exhibition straight away. He is one of the EDGIC artists and works in collaboration with Tetka Rhu from Australia since 2018. They created more than 50 digital artworks based on oil paintings. The Dusek & Hanf Art and Furniture Project was born in 2019 and is an ongoing art collaboration. Bea Dusek from Czech Republic creates furniture in the same design than Dieter’s artworks. Their results are breath-taking ensembles of art and seaters, which could build individually piece for piece.  Dieter has shown his art in Lisbon, Berlin, Paris, as well as Zurich, New York, and will be presented in Barcelona and London soon. 
02.2018 - #DC18, Downtown Chiado, Atelier Natalya Gromacho, Lisbon/Portugal 
04.2018 – EDGIC Artist, solo artist  
06.2018 - EDGIC Artist, Rhu & Hanf Art Collaboration with Tetka Rhu from Australia 
07.2018 – Eye Photo-Magazine, Feature Dieter Hanf, Vienna/Austria 
05.2019 – Internationale Kunstaustellung, Galerie Achtzig, Berlin/Germany 
06.2019 – Moon Dreaming, 50th anniversary of Moon Landing, group exhibition, Galeria Monteoliveto at Galerie Etienne de Causans Paris/France 
07.2019 – Moon Dreams, 3D virtual solo exhibition at Kunstmatrix, Berlin /Germany 
08.2019 – ArtExpo Zürich, group exhibition at Artbox Project 1.0, Zurich/Switzerland 
11.2019 – Welcome to the Pleasure Dome, 3D virtual solo exhibition at Kunstmatrix, Berlin /Germany 
03.2020 – Open Eye Barcelona, group exhibition at Artbox Project 1.0, Barcelona/Spain, postponed because of Corona 
03.2020 – Evolution of Photography, online auction of photography, Phi Auction, New York/USA 
08.2020 – TV-show Celeb Spotlight, That Channel, Vancouver/Canada 

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