Classical Landscape Painting

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Oil on Canvas
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Mohammad Tarik was born in 1981 in Jhawarian, a small village in Sargodha. Initially, he learned art from a street artist, who provoked and urged Tarik to paint and then inculcated love for art in him. After graduation, Tarik learnt different designing skills including crockery, carpet and textile designing. He served as a graphic designer for a private company to create logo fonts in Muscat in 2013. He continued to groom himself by working for different clients in Lahore and regularly exposing himself to art by visiting art shows in prominent galleries and interacting and learning from senior artists. He acquired a professional diploma in painting from Punjab University in 2017 and then participated in “32nd Annual Art Exhibition" and in a group show "Rung e Bahar"  in 2018 before joining this “Art for Climate Change” retreat in Naran. 

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