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Asrar Farooqi spent his childhood years in Bahawalpur struggling as an artist. Right from the beginning, he faced great opposition from his family for his interest in art. At the same time as his interest in art grew, his interest in studies dwindled. When he was seventeen, in 1997 he took the bold step of leaving his family and hometown, to start a new life in Lahore.

He learnt the art of painting at large scale for cinema sign-boards, in Lahore. So, as a teenager he was supporting himself and his parents through his artwork. He also grew more interested towards conventional art. Lahore being the hub of the art world somehow missed out on Asrar's art education, which he finally received when he shifted to Islamabad in 2002. He came into contact with maestros like Mansoor Rahi and Ghulam Rasulin the field of art. At the same time, he started his own advertising business and worked as a portrait artist. 

It was at the age of twenty-two, that Asrar met Ghulam Rasul who advised him to start original creative work of his own. Asrar stayed with him for some time at his residence, working in his studio, while observing the great artist at work. 

The next great impact on his work was by Mansoor Rahi who, was just the kind of person he needed as a guide and mentor. He was the one to answer Asrar's insatiable questions on different aspects of art. His guidance helped Asrar to find his own creative style. Through Mansoor Rahi, Asrar gained his own space in the world of art. Now, he is member of the Generation Rahi which is one the most prominent art groups in the capital. Here, he was introduced as a professional artist for the first time 2015.

The dynamic bold strokes which are at once bold and vibrant show the present-day city scenes. The typical local wagons decorated in a truck art style and rickshaws, the old dilapidated buildings, the hustle bustle of the bazar scenes, are all depicted in his paintings.

Currently he is living and working as a full-time artist in Rawalpindi with his wife and children.

Solo Exhibitions:

2018 Solo Exhibition, "Cultural Hues of Rawalpindi" ll For The Love Of Art Gallery Islamabad  

2018 Solo Exhibition, "Cultural Hues of Rawalpindi" Nukta Art Gallery Islamabad 

Group Exhibitions:

2018 Group Exhibition, Artkaam gallery karachi

2018 Group Exhibition, "Prissy Play" Gallery 6 Islamabad

2018 Group Exhibition, "Pakistan U.S. Alumni - PUAN, U.S. Embassy Islamabad" Satrang Art Gallery Islamabad 

2017 Group Exhibition, "Beautiful pakistan" Ewan-e-Quaid Islamabad

2017 Group Exhibition, "9th National Exhibition" (PNCA) Islamabad

2017 Group Exhibition, "Dallas Meets Pakistan" Dallas, Texas, USA

2017 Group Exhibition, "Takht Bhai to pothohar" Regional Exhibition 2017 (PNCA) Islamabad

2017 Group Exhibition, Nazria-e-Pakistan Council Islamabad

2017 Group Exhibition, Rawalpindi Arts Council Rawalpindi

2017 Group Exhibition, Grandeur Art Gallery Karachi

2016 Group Exhibition, Meraki Art Gallery Islamabad

2016 Group Exhibition, Rahi Art Gallery Islamabad

2016 Group Exhibition, Meraki Art Gallery Islamabad

2015 Group Exhibition, Oyster Art gallery Lahore

2015 Group Exhibition, Ewan-e-Quaid Gallery Islamabad

2015 Group Exhibition, AQS Art Gallery Islamabad

2014 Group Exhibition, AQS Art Gallery Islamabad

2014 Group Exhibition, Rawalpindi Arts Council Rawalpindi

Prize and Awards:



2015 participation in "awarded with prize in the contest of "QUAID-E-AZAM'S PORTRAIT ON MODERN VISION"


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