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Mohamed Mounir

Poet, painter and narrator

Born in Casablanca on January 24, 1964

Educational stimulation diploma from French

A diploma as an animator specialized in elderly people from French

I work in the social educational field

Cultural and social activist

A national framework in the field of educational and development work

Summer camps manager

A national coach in the techniques of cultural and educational stimulation

Member of the Poets of the World in Chile

Member of the House of Wisdom in Romania

Spokesperson member in Morocco, on behalf of the Arab Association for Arts and Creativity inTunisia

Founding president of the Arab Creativity Association

Founding president of the Maghreb Creative Union

Founding president of the International Madarate Association

Founding president of Madarate Association for Art and culture in Ait Ourir

Founding president of the Mghreb observatory of Education and training

Founder and coordinator of “Kafilat AlmaHaba” Caravan of love ( this caravan does several tours in different  Arab countries

Director of the Maghreb creative Caravan in Morocco

Director of the Caravan of Knowledge for the benefit of educational institutions in villages and mountains

Director responsible of “ Madarate  Atakafia” “ cultural Madarate” magazine in electronic and paper form

Director responsible of “ ALFAAIL ALJAMAAWI” ”the Social activist” magazine, a paper magazine

Director responsible of “ Almechtal” Magazine, a paper magazine written by young people

Orbital publications and coordinator

The director of several festivals in Morocco

I publish my work in several Moroccan and Arab newspapers and magazines, coordinator of several Moroccan and Arab forums and festivals.

My works :
My creative work Released to me “ Pulse of speech” in Arabic (poetry) on the drawing house Tunisia

“When the cities lured me”, I was alone (poetry) in Arabic Vesira Publishing House Algeria 2013

This is how Al-Balah talks with me “ (poetry) in Arabic Dar Imad Al-Qatari, Egypt, 2014.

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