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AISSAOUI Abdelmadjid (Born November 30, 1971 in Bechar) Painter, calligrapher, sculptor. He produced theatrical scenography for children (1997) and other scenographies for plays in 1999 and 2000. He created the costumes for the television series "Abbas Ben Merdass" (1998). He is honored for his artistic journey by the wilaya of Tindouf (2010). Individual exhibitions (Tindouf 1993; Algiers 2001); Group exhibitions (Oran 1995, 2007; Aïn Témouchent 2007; Tizi-Ouzou 2007; Algiers 2007, 2009, 2010; Sidi Bel Abbès 2008, 2013; Tipasa 2008; Djelfa 2009; Adrar 2011; Bechar 2011; Tlemcen 2011; Tébessa 2013; Bordj Bou Arréridj 2013; Tamanrasset 2013). Prizes and rewards: 1st “El Gantas” Prize at the National Plastic Arts Fair in Djelfa (2009). Bibliography: El Haddad 12/8/2008; Manbar El Kouraa 8/14/2008; 13/8/2008; La Tribune 6/1/2009; Djazaïr News 6/1/2009.

Component Professor in Art Education Fine artist,  calligrapher, sculptor Graduate of the Educational Technological Institute 1992 Association activist Member of the International Center for Plastic Arts President of the Assila Fine Artists Association Interested in theater and scenography Recipient of several prizes, the most important of which is the National Award for Artistic Collection "Al-Qantas" in Djelfa, the specialty of sculpture, 2009 A special honor by the Algerian Minister of Culture, 2008 A special honor from the commander of the military sector in the third district, Tindouf, 2005 Honored by the International Center for Plastic Arts in Iraq A special honor from the Algerian Minister of Education 2018 Honored by the UNESCO Zervaz Club 2019 Creating and designing clothes for the TV series "Al-Abbas Ibn Mirdas" with the Algerian TV, 1998


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