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He is a Spanish artist from Alcoy. 

Born on 1958 in ALCOY who is an industrial and university city, region and municipality 

He had gives many local and international  exhibitions  form his yong age. ALCOY is his paradis where is his studio., it s located in the province of Alicante, Spain. He is a wonderful artist who works with his hand with more love and experience. . He says of his work and art style: "That is, the chisel is made of stone that I made to work the pre-Columbian carving technique of all techniques. The first sculpture created by humans was made with this technique. The beginning of I don't know Madie in 15 years who worked the pre-Columbian carving technique with chisel is stone is the great forgotten and unknown This is flint stone on the hardness scale, this in the top 10. I work all kinds of stone, from the softest to the hardest, this type of flint stone. I work with a mixed technique for its hardness. I use machines for finishing and polishing, flint was used in ancient times to make fire. I really love stone, I carry it through my veins if it is pretreated. I am a master of stone crafts and I have been with it all my life. I have been working for 47 years and making sculpture for 15 years, but machines left me without work. Crafts is a dead trade , I've been unhindered for 10 years. I am outside the artistic circle of my own free, I will not like the falsity of the cronyism of my bu. And the current art scene is rotten, everything is a phrasing, they are vested interests, but I know that there is a good person like you ... All my work is available to anyone who wants to show it, but do not ask me why I may not I can move my economy. Thanks for everything and for your interest, but you have to be realistic. It's me if I can help you with something. Don't hesitate to say thank you. This is how the true artist creates creativity, silence and away from moral corruption, and never exchanges his art for fame.

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