Contemporary Landscape

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Oil on Canvas
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Rukhsana Aslam is practicing art of painting since 1992 under the studentship and guidance of Mr. Ghulam Mustafa a Pride of Performance holder. She also attended art classes at Alhamra and got chance to learn from senior artists Iqbal Hussain and Zulfqar Ali Zulfi.
It is well known that artist's talents and insights play a significant role in communicating socio-cultural knowledge. They made paintings that record and celebrate aspects of the Society, in which they live in. Many artists maintain visual dairies to record ideas and images that inspired them. Though art continues to change, but artists approach of visualizing the environment, beliefs and traditions remains the same.
Rukhsana likes to paint landscapes in her own mode and choice and uses vibrant thick colours. Her medium is mostly oil on canvas. She explores and expresses her feelings and emotions, fantasy and dreams which she experiences from the surroundings. Rukhsana says that she gets inspiration from nature and try to capture light and shades presented through variety of hues. Landscape is a subject on which an artist can work for years as it involves environment as well as the atmosphere which changes frequently. She has also attempted to produce cityscapes and cultural subjects.

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