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Oil on Canvas
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Art Director 1990 - 2017 Abu Dhabi Police Supervise multi-functional project teams of 5 colleagues to develop creative and effective advertising concepts, from ideation through final projects. Incorporate and explore client suggestions and directives, resolve questions and concerns, oversee objections. Organize all creative materials to ensure their smooth transition to other departments. Acrylic Sticker Cutting for Abu Dhabhi Police Vehicles.
Artist & Graphic Designer     1987- 2017 Latif & Al Israa Neon Par time Working indenpendently with Clients on Different Project. Arabic Calligraphy for Clients, School Chart writting, Desig Layout
Poster Making & Calligrapher     1977 - 1987 Cinema Work I worked as Movies Poster Maker and Calligrapher
Since my childhood I have keen interest in drawing. It was childhood and the brain was acceptable. God has blessed me an amazing memory, whatever I see related to my taste I never forgot it. My parents disliked my profession. My passion overcame and I did not stop my job. My grand father was very strictly against my profession, But it was matter of heart. My parents wanted to educate me. But I have no interest in studies. My aim was only to become an artist and earn fame in the world as an artist. Yet I was opposed by my family & friends. But I did not give up my sacred mission.
Matriculation Govt P.B Model High School.
3rd International Water Color Biennale 2020
Award for Calligraphy on Valvet with Acrylic Color Focus Bangladesh 2019
Naqash Artist Association Faisalbad Pakistan  Nov 2019
Award Rang-e-Tehzeeb Gujjar Khan Oct 2019 National Calligraphy Exhibition Sialkot 2019 Barkat Al Qalam  Dec 2019 Noor Qalam 2018
KMCC Abu Dhabi Payyanur Manadalam 2014
AR Nagori Gallery IWS Pakistan 3rd International Watercolor Biennale 26 Feb 2020
Cartoon Art Gallry Dubai U.A.E 5th National watercolor Exibition 24 Nov 2019 
Focus Bangladesh 4th Tune of Art International Art Festival Dec 2019 & 2020

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