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Illusion & Delusion

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Country: France
City: Pau
Inaam Obtel born in 1987, Morocco Living in Pau, France. 
Graduates of the last decade from the National Institute  of Fine Arts in Tetouan. After her graduation, she followed  her Master degree of rhetoric’s of arts at the University of Pau, France. 
2020: FLAIR by La PAROLE Art gallery in Abu Dhabi ladies club, UAE (January 13-14) 
 ARTECHS (Art, Science and Technology) by Hybrid plattform Lab at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany (July 12-13)  A FORM OF TOLERANCE by La PAROLE Art Gallery at Sorbonne University Atrium Abu Dhabi, UAE (February 25 to March 04) 
 The night of galleries 13th edition at the cultural center Mohamed Saghrini, Tetouan / Morocco (03-30 December)  Biennial BE HERE 3rd edition at Borj Dar al baroud, Tangier / Morocco (September 16)  Insoumises at the Contemporary Art Gallery Mohamed Drissi, Tangier / Morocco (March 08-31)  Winter Exchange at Green Olive Arts Tetouan (February 12-13) 
2017: Moroccan Poetry Festival "Dar Chir Tetouan" (April) 
2016: Recup-Art Symposium in Tanger-Med / Morocco (October) 
 Women’s Art World 6th edition at the Berber Museum, Agadir / Morocco (02-14 March)  Moroccan-Palestinian cultural exchange at the Agdal Cultural Center, Rabat / Morocco (01-05 March)  Human rights at the Andalusian Center Martil / Morocco (January 16) 
2014: Academy of Ambassadors of Peace opening of the 2nd edition in Fez / Morocco (03 November) 
2013: ADAP closing ceremony of the 1st edition in Fez / Morocco (May 04). 
2020: Hybrid photography among The permanent collection of the PAROLE Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi / UAE 2018: Sbae Lawyat photographs from the “Moments” permanent E-Gallery of the National Geographic Abu Dhabi / UAE. 2016: The direction towards the future, monumental sculpture produced during the "Recup-Art Symposium" project for COP22 in Tanger-Med / Morocco. 
2020: Inventive.City collective-architecture, new technology engineering in Paris, France (December 20, 2019 - October 17, 2020) 
2019: Hybrid plattform Lab Berlin, Germany (June 30-July 14) 
2018: Green Olive Arts in Tetouan (January 22-February 12) 
2017: Association Darna De l'image par l'image in Tangier (October 15-22) 
2017: Tanger-Med TEMSA Monument Monumentale Recup-Art Symposium in Tanger-Med project (September - October) 
2016: IFITRY Center for Contemporary Art in Essaouira (July 16-24) 
2015: Women’s Art World 6th edition at the Berber Museum Agadir (02-14 March)  
2018:  “A way of being sick” project thesis, printmaking with the artist printmaker Rahima El Arroud, and the volum installation with the artist Batoul Shimi (January- June) 
2017: Scenography of the National Theater Festival edition 19 at the Spanish cinema Tetouan. (November 27-30) 
2017: Restoration of artwork with the geologist specializing in sciences applied to the art of Italian restoration Marisol Rossetti at INBA Tetouan (March). 
2017: Architecture and installation with the Spanish architect Carlos Perez and the Artist Younes Rahmoun project the old medina heritage (JanuaryFebruary) 
2016: Photography with German filmmaker photographer Telemach Wesinger at INBA Tétouan in collaboration with Tanger-Med, project "The Port, Reality & Fiction". (December) 
2016: Chinese painting with Chinese artist Xu Qi Ping at INBA Tetouan, Project: Illustration and Calligraphy. (November) 
2015: Volume and installation with artist Faouzi Laatiris project (SeptemberOctober) 
2014: Korean calligraphy in the Seoul Day event at the SupInfo Institute Casablanca / Morocco in collaboration with the CAMCO association. 
2019-2020: M2 Rhetoric’s of the Arts at the University of Pau and pays de Adour UPPA in Pau / France 2018-2019: M1 Rhetoric’s of the Arts at the University of Pau and pays de Adour UPPA in Pau / France. 2016-2018: Second cycle degree in visual art at the National Institute of Fine Arts INBA Tetouan / Morocco 2014-2016: Diploma of the 1st cycle of visual art at the National Institute of Fine Arts INBA Tetouan / Morocco 2013-2014: Certificate of completion in songwriting training from "Berklee College of music's MOOC" online, in Boston New-York 2000-2014: Self-taught artist in plastic art 
2012-2014: HR master's degree in recruitment at the FEDE "European federation of schools" in Switzerland / Geneva 2012: Bachelor’s degree specialty in front banking at the ESC Pau 2006-2009: Diploma of nurse at the ISFPPM Fez, Morocco 2006: Baccalaureate in experimental sciences at the high school Al Adarissa in Fez / Morocco 


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