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Acrylic on Canvas
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$ 80


Workshops attended: 
• Saint Martin’s College of Arts and Design London - Textile Printing and designing 2016 • Attended various workshops and training courses from Tate Modem Art Gallery, London  2011-2015 • School of Traditional Arts London - Calligraphy workshop 2011 • Lahore Museum -  Restoration of paintings 2000 
• Master’s in Education - Punjab University Lahore  • Diploma in graphic design from Punjab University •  Bachelors in Arts – Kinnaird College Lahore 
Exhibitions and Art accomplishments: 
• Curated an exhibition for fund raising for special kids at Crow Eaters art gallery Lahore - 2000 • Worked as marketing consultant with Lahore museum for the promotion of arts 2002-2004 • Worked as marketing consultant for Punjab Archeology for preservation of fresco works and Bamba collection of Sikh gallery 2003-2010 • Exhibition at Expo center for Punjab tourism - 2007 • Group show at Alhambra Art Gallery 2018 
I started my journey into the world of creativity and innovation by specializing in the field of graphic design in 2000. My career vision was to give life to creative instincts bursting within me and bring it to 
life. I have worked with different institutions, companies, hotels and banks for the promotion of art, culture and artists by digitally reproducing different designs, paintings and fresco works.  Being a creative person, my main focus was to create innovative designs that inspire me in a spiritual way. My passion for art led me to travel to different places, forts, museums for inspiration which I can blend with my own paintings and can create a new design.  With the view of promoting and preserving the work of old masters and fresco works from old forts of Lahore and from the shrine of Guru Nanak, I initiated by getting copyrights from these artists to reproduce the work. I replicated these designs in the form of paintings, wall ceilings, calendars, greeting cards, customized hand souvenirs. I collaborated and served different organizations, corporations, hotels, cultural institutions, banks by taking digital orders for them and reprinting the original beautiful designs. My work is a beautiful amalgamation of play between nature’s colors, motifs, and traditional sub continental art combined with contemporary new techniques and practices.  
Having refined my skills in textile design from Saint Martin’s school at London in 2015, I took this idea further ahead and started reproducing my own designs. I am a freelance surface pattern designer and artist. I am an abstract painter and produce eye catching prints with high quality colors on different materials (e.g. paper, canvas, ceramics, and textiles). In my collection you can find old and historic decorative motifs, fresco works and paintings which can be reproduced on canvas, paper, ceramics, and textiles vibrantly and originally giving the feel of the real art piece. I combine hand drawing, digital printing techniques and decorative motifs into my art taking inspiration from my subcontinent culture and my travels across European countries. My hand drawn designs are often done in acrylics, inks, gouache, markers, pencils, and other materials. My designs are mostly abstract i.e. I use a visual language of shape, form, color and line to create a composition. My work is used in interiors, fashion designing (specifically scarves and shirts) as well as home accessories. By blending different hand-printed and painting techniques, I created my unique designs. 

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