Old palace entrance

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Water color on Paper
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Country: Italy

City:   Palermo

Ksenia Molostvova was born in 1982 in Moscow. She started painting in early childhood attending a local Arts school, and then continued her studies at the The State Academy of Architecture (MARKHI), specializing in interior design. In 2012 she moved to Italy and now is based in Palermo.  Her favourite subjects are landscapes, urbanscapes and architecture seen in prism of lights and shadows that create a unique atmosphere of the moment.

“Most of us live a frenetic life that doesn’t leave much time to notice simple things that surround us, like an interesting perspective of an ordinary street that changes at a glimpse of light, or a sudden reflection that appears on water. Our nature is magic and its landscapes give me so much inspiration! Our streets are full of life too! People in caffes, birds and children playing on squares, people on bicycles and millions of reflections in shop windows. I try to notice all these little moments and put them on paper to recreate a unique atmosphere of a place or a moment. My every new picture is a small story…and, sometimes, even an old building or a solitary balcony can tell fascinating stories!”

Ksenia studied watercolor technique with many contemporary watercolor masters like Katia Margolis, Massimiliano Iocco, Roberto Zangarelli, Yuri Akopyants, Alex Hillkurtz, Sergey Kurbatov, Anastasia Kustova


The State Academy of Architecture (MARKHI), specializing in interior design

Watercolor techniques studied under:
Katia Margolis
Yuri Akopyants
Massimiliano Iocco
Roberto Zangarelli
Alex Hillkurtz
Sergey Kurbatov
Anastasia Kustova
Olga Guseva


2018 June, L’Altro Artecontemporanea, Italy
2019 May, BCSicilia “Palermo dal mare”, Italy

Exhibition list:

2018 June, L’Altro Artecontemporanea, Italy

2019 May,  BCSicilia “Palermo dal mare”, Italy

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