Small Country House

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 Birthdate  12 of September 1975
  City :Egypt, Cairo. 
an Egyptian Miniature  artist who holds a postgraduate diploma at the higher institute of art criticism of the art academy. In carlius, quality education division. I've been to a lot of galleries an stuff.
* Egypt's third prototype exhibition at the hangar art center in the Egyptianopera. 
* soft hands exhibit at the islamic museum inCairo.
* sembosium sculpture exhibition at the Nile Aswanmuseum.
* gallery lamasat miniature exhibition inCairo.
* a virtual ban on innovation exhibition of galerie's lamasat in Cairo.
* the sumer digital exhibition of culture and art, Iraq's first hypothetical2020.
* Mesopotamia civilizationexhibit The somer Mesopotamia foundation was Iraq's first hypothesis.
* the first international electronic exhibition in Iraq (art message). 
* theArabfederation'svirtualfestivaloftheartsisanamelifoundationthat chartsthefutureofEgypt andyemen.
* the first virtual exhibition on the honorableblossoms. Thetrophies. She's got second place at the miniature expo 2020. collections Nile baswan 2020. 

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