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 10 JUNE 1942
1942 Born and Primary education in Sialkot.
1959 Secondary School Examination (First Division)
1963 Honour in Language (Punjabi) Punjab University
1966 Diploma in Printing and Graphic Art (First Division)
1997 Punjab Technical Institute.
1968 Certificate in Fine Art (First Division) NCA Lahore
1997 Master in fine arts.(First Division) ITU Turkey
1998 Ph.D. in Fine Art (Symbiosis Concept in Art / Cultural Interaction between Societies of east and west.
Short Courses / Work Shops
1963 The Recreation Leaders Training Course.
1997 Workshop on the Use of Audio Visual Methods by NIPA Lahore.
1980 Certificate of Achievement in Book Designing and Illustrations by
National Book Council of Pakistan.
1981 National Seminar on Problem of Handicapped Children Lahore.
1985 Participated in the First International Congress on Mental Health in Lahore.
1986 A Course on Human Behavior in Organization by Management
Association of Pakistan..
1990 Workshop on “Educational Goals and Teaching Techniques” in Lahore.
1994 Training on the job as project Director in FSP by SWOZ in Holland .
Job Experience
1965-75 Graphic Artist / Graphic Art Expart in Industrial Arts Department of Institute of
Education And Research Punjab Univerisity Lahore.
1971-72 Audio Visual Aids and Publications Officer in National Institute of
Public Administration, Lahore.
1975-80 Audio Visual Aids and Publications Officer in Pakistan Administration
Staff College, Lahore.
1980-82 Audio Visual Aids and Publications Officer in Pakistan Civil Services
Academy, Lahore.
1982-84 Audio Visual Aids and Publications Officer in Pakistan Administration
Staff College, Lahore.
1985-90 Vocational Training Center Incharge Fountain House Lahore.
1991-92 Subject specialist / Advisor (Vocational Training) in Mentally Retarded Children
Center Istanbul- Turkey
1992-97 Advisor / Project Director Family Support Program Istanbul
Professional Achievements
Established Graphic Arts Education and Educational Arts Workshops in Industrial Arts Department of IER. Punjab University Lahore.
Established Book Binding Section of Institute of Printing and Graphic Arts Lahore.
Established Audio Visual Aids Departments of NIPA, Pakistan Administrative Staff Collage and CSP Academy Lahore.
Designed the Best Model Center for Vocational Training for Disable Persons in Turkey.
Designed and worked as Coordinator in Family Support Programming for Training of Parents of Disabled Children and family Guides in Turkey.
Designed Display Room and Vocational Education Workshop in Fountain House Lahore.
Visiting Lecture.
School of Disable Children (Amin Maktab Lahore)
Education Extension Center, Lahore.
College of Community Medicine, Lahore.
Govt. Institute of Printing and Graphic Arts, Lahore.
Social Welfare Department Punjab (Sanatzars)
Center for Clinical Psychology Punjab University Lahore.
Art Education Advisor / Consultant
Pakistan Academy for Handicapped, Lahore.
Anti Narcotics Organization of Paklistan, Lahore.
House Wives Association of Pakistan, Lahore
Fountain House Lahore
Art work for several books and magazines of Text Book Board,
Education Department and private organization.in Pakistan and abroad.
Mentionable Artwork
Fatima Memorial Hosipal Lahore.
Sheikh Zaid Hospital Lahore
Civil Hospital , Lahore.
Ittafaq Hospital Lahore
Pakistan Adman Staff Collage, Lahore.
Arab Security Center Riyadh Saudi Arabia.
Directorate General Civil Defense Islamabad.
Institute of Business Administration Karachi
Pakistan Navel Staff College Karachi
Lahore Museum
Ministry of Foreign Affair Islamabad.
Fountain House Lahore
Research Center for Islamic Art and Culture, Istanbul.
Press Museum , Istanbul.
Consolate, General of Pakistan in Istanbul.
Bayoglo Belediye Istanbul.
Bursa Belediye, Turkey.
Lahore Metropolitan Corporation.
Directorate of Industries Punjab Lahore.
NIPA Peshawar
Govemer House Peshawar
Wapada House Lahore.
Tam International USA
Smithsonian Institution Washington USA.
1975 – 08th April – Alhamra Art Gallery, Lahore.
(Ustad Allah Bukash.)
1978 – 12th June – Punjab Council of Art, Lahore
(Masood Nabi Nur)
1979 – 10th June – Pak Admn Staff College, Lahore
(Masrur Hassan Khan.) 7th June – 14th June
Jamia Arabia Gujranwala, Lahore Museum.
(Bagam Saima Tasaddaq Hussain) 27th June
Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi.
(Hakeem Mohammad Saeed) 1980, 02nd June
Lahore Museum Lahore (Mian Shuja-ur-Rehman) 14th June
National Arts Gallery. Islamabad. (Dr.Ahmed Muhiuddin V.C.)
Paintings on Afgan Mujahideem Movement at Quetta
paintings on Afgan Mujahideem Movement at Median.
Paintings on Afghan Mujahideem Movement at Peshawar.
Paintings on Afgan Mujahideem Movement at Lahore – Punjab University
King Edward Medical College, Lahore. (Justice Shamim Hussaim Qadri.)
Abasian Arts Council, Peshawar. (Mr. Abdullah) 30th June
Punjab Arts Council, Lahore. (Mohammed Ali Khan of Hot) 15th Sep
Jamal Gallery, Frankfurt Germany. (15th Sep, Harren Hilmar HOffmana)
Is Bank Ankara, Turkey (Yasar Call Artist.) 1982 03rd Jan
Alhmara Art Gallery, Lahore. ( Niaz Mohammad Arbab.) 13th April
Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi (Begum Tazeen Faredi) 07th May
Sind Museum, Hyderabad (Maulanan Wasi Mazhar Nadvi and S.Ahad Yousaf.)
Jamia Arabia,Gujranwala. (Maulana Mohammed Chiragh) 16th July
Iqbal Library, Muree (Niaz Mohammed Arbab) 01st Sep
Punjab Arts Council, Garhi Shahu – Lahore. (Mr. Alama Mehmood Ahamd Rizvi)
Arts Council, Sargodha. (Abdul Majeed D.C.) 07th Nov
Shakir Ali Museum, Lahore. (Begum Abbasi Abidi) 1983, 26th April
Dilson Hotel Gsallery, Istanbul – Turkey. (Ms. Lerzan Oke) 06th June
Art Gallery Cologne, Germany (Dr. Usman Malik) 14th August
Asian Center, Manchester – England. (Mohammad Ali Sidiqque) 1985, 20th Mar
Alhamra Art Gallery, Lahore. (Mr. Humayun Faiz Rasul) 09th July
Gallery Franciois, Washington D.C. – USA. (Mr. Ejaz Azim Ambassador of Pakistan)
Islamic Center, Washington D.C. – USA (Dr. Abdullah Khouji) 04th August
Wallance Art Gallery, Washington D.C. -USA. (Mr. Harry Johnson) 08th Dec
Hilton Hotel, Lahore. (Gen M. Ziaul Haque) President of Pakistan 1986
Jinnah Hall, Lahore. (Mian Shuja-ur-Rehman) 1987 24th May
Alhamra Art Gallery, Lahore. (Mr. Albert A. Thibault Bult (ACG)) 06th July
National Art Gallery, Islamabad. (Shujat Hussain) 09th Nov
Al-Maadi Art Gallery, Cairo – Egypt. 1988, 24th Apr
German Culture Center, Lahore. (Sardar Arif Rashid) 03rd May
Originals Arts Gallery, Islamabad. (Haji M. Saif Ullah Khan) 09th June
Gulhane Art Festival, Istanbul- Turkey. 30th June
Ciziagi Art Gallery Ortateory, Istanbul – Turkey. 1989 06 March
Arab Security Center, Riyadh – S. Arabia. (Satam Bin Abdul Aziz)
Governer of Riyadh 27th June
Press Museum (Basin Muzesi), Istanbul – Turkey. (Mr. Ajmal Mehmood Qureshi, Concil General of Pakistan) 30th June
Center of Islamic History of Art, Istanbul – Turkey. (Prof. Dr. Ekmeledd-in-Ihsanoglu)
Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi. (Mr. Justice Saeed-uz-zaman Siddiquie) 14th Dec.
Yesilgurt Spot Club Art Gallery, Istanbul- Turkey. (Mrs. Gunner Minkari) 1992, 29th Jan
Akbank Bebek, Istanbul-Turkey. (Mrs Turkan Sabanc)
Florya TAD Center Istanbul Turkey (Sabire Kozakcioglu)
Refat Ilgoz Culture Centre Istanbul (Mr. Ali Talib Qzdemir)
Merhaba Art Gallery Yesilkoy (Mrs. Cigdem Atvur) 1993, 05th Jan
Beyoglu Art Gallery Istanbul.
Beyoglu Sanet Gallery Istanbul
Merter, Istanbul, Turkey.
Istanbul Technical University Istanbul.
Istanbul “Habitat”Istanbul.
Ustad Allah Bukhash Art Gallery, Alhamra Center, Lahore.
Participated more then 80 group exhibition in USA , England, UAE, England, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Egypt, Sudan, France, Canada , Holland, Turkey and National Exhibitions in Pakistan..
Declared Best Artist by Student Guild of IER Punjab University Lahore.
Prize Awarded by Ustad Allah Bukish
Declared Artist of the year,Awarded Gold Medal by House Wives Association of Pakistan.
Awarded Shield of Honour by Pak-German Society,Frankfurt Germany
Awarded Second Prize on Calendar Design form National Council of Art, Karachi.
Awarded Shah Faisal Gold Medal of Honour by Society for Unity of Muslim World, Lahore.
Awarded Medal of Honour by Public Relation Society of Paksitan, Lahore.
Awarded National Award of the year by Paksitan Cultural Society, Lahore.
Awarded Shield of Honour by WAPDA Pakistan on Tarbela Paintings Exhibition.
Awarded Shield of Honour bu Creative Concept Lahore on Calligraphic Exhibition.
Awarded Gold Medal of Honor by Mujlis-e-Saqafat-e-Pakistan, Lahore on 05th year of 22 Behman – Iran.
Awarded Ustad Allah Buksh Award by Punjab Seed Corporation and Agriculture Department.
Awarded Shield of Honour by Gulhane Art Festival, Istanbul
Awarded , Award of Honour on Modern Calligraphy by Gulhance Art Festival , Istanbul, Turkey
Awarded Long Service Award by Islamic Foundation and Public Welfare Council of Punjab.
Awarded Plaque of Honour by Turk Mothers Association, Istanbul- Turkey.
Awarded by Social Committee of Center for Mentally Disabled Children- Turkey.
Awarded Plaque of Honour by Society for the Advancement of Mentally Retarded, Lahore.
Awarded Plaque of Honour by Association of Architect of Busra- Turkey.
Several Certificates of appreciation / acknowledgment letters from abroad and home.
1972 Vice President Student Welfare Society Sialkot General Secrectory, WPYM Sialkot.
President “Shaheen” of WPYM Lahore.
Assistant Secretary General WPYM Lahore.
Joint Secretary Punjab Art Society, Lahore
1982-83 Member Art Committee, Lahore Art Council
1983 Member of Calligraphist Association of Tehran, Iran
1984-85 Chairman Art Committee, Academy for Disabled Pakistan.
1986-87 Member Executive Committee, Artists Association of Punjab.
1990 Member Art Committee Lahore Art.Council.
1990 Vice President Calligraphist Guild of Pakistan, Lahore
1993 Pattern, Society for the Advancement of Mentally Retarded (SAMR),Lahore.
1998 Secretary General. Pakistan Calligraphic Artist Guild
1998 Chairman , Family Support Program in Pakistan


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