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Sunrise at Ajibata

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Acrylic on Canvas
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Tiarma Sirait (b.1968) is an exciting Bandung-based painter & fashion artist who is presenting visually provocative & thought-provoking paintings, installations, performances, textiles & fashions questioning all the conventional wisdoms both of the East & West Her performance in art, design & fashion has been acknowledged by many international arts institutions & since 1987 has participated around 400 exhibitions in many domestic & overseas exhibitions & has received many awards in Creativity Designs & Art Awards from many countries: 2021 Leonardo da Vinci Award Winner for the 3rd Eye Virtual International Exhibition, organized by Rainbow Art World 2021 First Winner for the International Online Art Competition, organized by Absolute Arts India 2021 The Best Appreciation International Artist Award Certificate & Excellent Performance in the “Proud to be an Artist" @the Biggest International Online Art Competition-2021, organized by Sandeep Rawal founder of Delhi Art & Culture in India 2021 Certificate of Honor, Artist Registration no: CHITRA30001, CHITRANKAN 3 as 100 Top Artist in Chitrakan for the International online Art exhibition 2021 only for women artists, organized by Bindaas Artist Group in India 2021 ‘Honourable Associate’ of creARTors collective for HOPE21, Chapter 2, organized by creARTors collective in Mumbai, India 2021 AAWINNERS AAS-2021, Category: Nature, a Virtual International Art Exhibition / Competition (an International Art Show of 170 Artists from 16 Countries), organized by Aakriti Art Society, Ambalacantt, Haryana – India 2021 Excellence Award, International Online Art Exhibition / Competition; the Occasion of World Environment Day 2, organized by Kalaratnam Foundation of Art Society (KFOAS) Bareilly Uttar Pradesh in India 2021 Selected Award Winners: Art Pilgrimage 2021 Pakasana Award, organized by Positive Energy Art; See Din Studio - Thailand & Charcoal Foundation Bongora - India & Rebel Art Space - Thailand 2021 Rainbow Art World Excellent Award for participation in ‘Beyond Boundaries’, 2nd Virtual International Art Exhibition by 100 Eminent & Well-known Contemporary Artists from 29 Countries 2021 40 Best Artists on the ArtBook The Platform (Germany) International Art Program 2021 Best in Show for the Love of Art III: Love Me #3 & #4 from Envision Arts Community in USA 2021 Highly Commended Award from the 3rd International Art Exhibition, organized by AKM Kala Sangh (Pathankot) in India 2021 Golden Awards from Brilliant Strokes, a Virtual Art Exhibition cum Competition, organized by Brilliant Brushes Art Foundation in India. 2017 Excellent Skill Award from the Major of the Nowon-gu @World Youth Art Festival 2017 in Ajung Art Museum (Induk University), Seoul – Korea 2008-16 Excellent Award & Selected Award for the 3rd, 5th, 7th 9th, 10th China-Asean Youth Artwork Creativity Contest at Guangxi Nation Art Palace - China 2015 Finalists of the Indonesia Art Award (GGIAA) 2015 @National Gallery, Jakarta - Indonesia 2013 "Women & Culture" as one of the 10 women who had been working in the field of art & culture, which makes Indonesia known internationally from the Good Housekeeping Indonesia Magazine @Grand Indonesia, Jakarta - Indonesia 2011 One of Indonesia’s most experienced Fashion Designer from the Australia Unlimited Magazine's version 2008 Recipient of honorary certificate, gold medal and the Torino Winter Games 2006, Olympic Torch for selection and participation @the Olympic Fine Arts 2008, Beijing - China, organized by the International Olympic Committee & the China Society for the Promotion of Cultural & Art Development 2008 Finalist Australian Alumni Awards for Culture & Art organized by the Australian Embassy @Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta - Indonesia 2008 Distinguished standing & has been conferred with a membership of International Writers & Artists Association by the President & The Board of Directors of the IWA - USA 2002 Winning to become an Indonesian Representative for the Concours International des Jeunes Createurs de Mode 2002 @Carrousel du Louvre, Paris - France 2002 Ten Best Winners of Fashion Designer Competition (Concours International des Jeunes Createurs de Mode 2002) organized by Dewi Magazine @Mulia Hotel, Jakarta - Indonesia 1997 Ten Best Winners of Fashion Designer Competition (LPM’97), organized by Femina Magazine @Borobudur Hotel, Jakarta - Indonesia She began to study painting from the Indonesian senior artist: Barli Sasmitawinata when she was in Junior High School. In 1994, she graduated from Faculty of Art & Design Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). In 1996-97 studied Fashion Design @Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Melbourne – Australia. In 1997, she was the founder & artist of her own Studio ‘Poleng’ in Bandung – Indonesia. In the year 2004-06 got a scholarship from Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research & Higher Education (STINT) for studying Master in Fashion & Textile Design @University of Borås – Sweden and in year 2009-21 became a Jury for the ‘101 - 112 Indonesian Innovation’ & the commitment to the advancement of business innovation in Indonesia from the Minister of State for Research & Technology, Jakarta – Indonesia and in year 2017-22 became a Board Member of the Olympia Fine Art Association (OFAA) & Artist’s Coordinator: 2021 Lumbini World Peace Ambassador to represent my country; Indonesia 2021 Indonesia Coordinator for the Leon Art International Group (Ecuador) 2021 Special Edition; a collaboration of 7 countries, a Global Online Exhibition of Art: Freedom 2021, organized by Positive Energy Art Foundation in collaboration with Charcoal Foundation Bongora – India, See Din Studio – Thailand, Termite Art Mound – Malaysia, Imagine Colour Studio – Taiwan, Poleng – Indonesia, Shastriya Art Studio – Mauritius & The Niler Art Community - Egypt 2021 Re-Connection Global 2021; 20 Countries 210 Artists Global Online Vision Art Exhibition (AfricaAmerica-Asia-Europe-Oceania) 2021 Creative Collaboration for Tolerance & Peace; International Online Exhibitions: Turkey - China – Indonesia 2021 Lotus Libya, organized by Rishti Besmti the Art & Culture in Libya She is a painter & fashion artist, which aims to support diversity in Indonesian painting & fashion art through active participation in the local & international art scenes. Tiarma is passionate about developing the creativity of young Indonesian designers through workshops & internship programs & events. She sees her key role in the facilitation of art @Poleng Studio as a medium of expression & communication through various exhibitions, lectures, writing, art performances & forums. She has worked quite consistently with pink since the beginning of her career as a painter & fashion artist in 1998 & has brought up pink plastics & synthetic fur to highlight the fickleness, volatility & falsehood that permeate our dearly held beliefs, influences & lifestyles. Through her bold conceptual approaches to art, fashion design & pop culture, Tiarma has explored themes such as love & lust, foreign influences on Indonesian culture & mass consumerism to name but a few. Her art is intended to show the hyper reality in the contemporary context. She used fashion in her painting as a medium to express the journey of her performances. She shows her exploration of her free spirit in her painting. Her artwork uses pink as the main color. She uses this color to give an eccentric sensation for her creation. She used pink also because the color is very girly, kitsch, synthetic. It has been her signature to use this brilliant color in her artwork. But, since 2008 until now she is developing any kind of artworks with Batik theme, one of them with the title: Transporter & Transformer; and the concept behind it: we live in a complex transnational and global meeting, mixings and clashing of different cultural perceptions at an increasing rate and pace as never seen before. Careful attention is needed in the treatment of our traditions; not just preserve them, but imbue them with life in the context of the present day that they will have meaning in the current global art horizon. In the work, Transporter & Transformer, we transport cultural images & ideas from diverse visit places & experience into a contemporary piece that can be appreciated by the public across continents. The pandemic has been a catastrophe of diverse layers of human life, which affects the health, mobility, economy etc. We don't know how long this pandemic will take, we don't know how long we have to stay in distance and after all this, we are sure that the world wouldn't be the same. As artists, we are forced to rethink and find solutions with our creativity. Questioning about how we could bring our work to the audience in a different way, brings us to rethink about the medium used in our art. She has exhibited extensively throughout Indonesia and in countries around the world such as: Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Cuba, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Korea, Libya, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovak, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Uruguay, Venezuela, Vietnam, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA & others

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