The Spring

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esent Post: Assistant Director Design Social Wellfare Department Punjab

Executive Member: Artist Association of the Punjab. 

• A big honour for the painting to be commissioned by the Government of Pakistan to paint the birth place of H.E. Mi 
• Dr. Manmohan Singh's village GOH, Chakwal, for the presentation to the Prime Minister of India during President's meeting with him at New York, USA, in-2004.
• God Bless of Pakistan Poem, Calligraphy for Asif Ali Zardari President of Pakistan.
• Calligraphy Art Work for Fozia Gillani (Mrs. Yousaf Raza Gillani).
• Landscape given to, Raja Parvaiz Ashraf, former Prime Minister of Pakistan through Passco.
• Landscape Cityscape Calligraphy & Horses Painting to Malik Riaz, Chairman, Bahria Town, Lahore & Rawalpindi.
• Cityscape Displayed in Bilawal House Lahore
• Cityscape to Jawed AU Ghori MD, FALAK Basmati Rice
• Paintings to Muhammad Usman BFG International, Kingdom of Bahrain
• Prime Minister House, Islamabad.
• Calligraphy Al-Hamd Sharif State gift for Imam-e-Kaba, Saudi Arabia,
• Historical images of Punjab, Oil paintings, Governor's House, Punjab Lahore.
• Ceiling paintings, Calligraphy "Surah-e-Rehman" in Mosque of Governor's House, Punjab Lahore. 
• Pakistani Attaché Ambassador office, Spain, China and Arab Emirates.
• A large number of paintings to be commissioned by the Governor's House Punjab, Lahore, gift for VVIPs Pakistani and Foreign guests.
• Ceiling paintings of Staff College Monuments Quetta in occasion of 100-years ceremony of Commandant Staff College 2005.
• Oil Portrait of Colonel Sundeymen, Col of British Raj, display in Jirgah Hall at Fort Munro, D.G. Khan 1998. 
• Oil Portrait of Colonel Sundeymen, displayed in Political Assistant Commissioner's office, D.G. Khan 1999. 
• Historical image of Multan, displayed in Commissioner office Multan.
• Oil painting "Shakh-e-Zarinn" Barrister at Law Ch. Aitzaz Ahsan.
• Oil painting Landscape of Lahore garden, Barrister at Law Muhammad Idrees Nawaz in Canada.
• Landscape of Lahore garden, displayed in Missouri Baptist Medical Centre, prevention First LLC 763 S Baillas Road, Suite 350, Saint Louis, MO 63141, USA 1998.
• Oil painting of Lahore garden displayed in Library, University of Sidney, Australia 1998.
• Oil painting General Manager of Honda Car Pvt. Ltd.
• Oil painting "Shezan Restaurant" Lahore.
• Oil painting, Pir Binya Min, Minister of Social Welfare & Women Development Punjab 1998.
• Back drop portrait of Khawaja Ghulam Farid, occasion of 100 years ceremony of Sufi Poet, Khawaja Ghulam Farid, organized by former Governor Punjab, Sardar Zulfidar Ali Khan Khosa 1999.
• Portrait during Election Campaign of Sardar Dost Muhammad Khan Khosa, former Chief Minister of Punjab 1999. 
• Millennium Show Independence Day Celebration "Jashan-e-fort Munro, 1lth to 14th August 2000 at D.G. Khan.

• Portrait of Ms. Shaheen Atiq-ur-Rehman, Minister of Social Welfare & Women Development Punjab 2000. 
• Basant Paintings, Mrs. Meena Ahsan Leghari, MPA 2001 
• Sardar Jaffar Khan Leghari, MNA 2001 
• Various painting grace a many National Places, Army and Civil Mess, Home of Art lovers and one in stock of mar Collectors and Galleries. 
2010 1st Solo Show 'Sprinkle of Aroma' in Hamail Art Galleries, Lahore. 
2015 2nd Solo Show 'Colors of Spring' in Royaat Art Gallery, DHA, Lahore. 
2016 An Aroma of arcadia artscene gallery Karachi. 
2017 Playing with Gems of the old Lahore GC University Lahore.

• 2005 Group show with Step College to Raise Fund for the Earth Quake victims. 
• 2004-2007 Participants in PCG 5th International Calligraphy & Calligraphic-art exhibition & competition 
• 2007 Participants in International Calligraphy Exhibition in collaboration with Ghazati Education Trust, Al-Hamra Centre Lahore. 2004-2017 Group show in Al-Hamra Art Centre and Coopra Art Gallery. 
• 2005-2018 Participants in Annual Exhibitions of " The Artists' Association of Punjab 2008 Group show of Calligraphy in Croweater Gallery. 
• 2008 Group show of painting Coopera Art Gallery. 
• 2008 Harf-o-Rang, Coopera Art Gallery. 
• 2008 Participate in Travelling exhibition Punjab Council of the Art 
• 2009 Participants in Exhibition of the Lahore Art Council and Al-Khattab Islamic Art Gallery, 
• 2009 Exhibition of Calligraphy, Al-Hamra Art Gallery organized by Punjab Council of Art, Lahore. 
• 2009 Exploring 2009, Coopera Art Gallery, Lahore. 
• 2009 Participate in Travelling exhibition Punjab Council of the Art 
• 2010 Summer Breeze, Vogue Art Gallery, Lahore. 
• 2010 Old Lahore, Royaat Art Gallery, Lahore. 2010 Spring Whispers, Vogue Art Gallery, Lahore. 
• 2010 The Colours of Pakistan, Coopera Art Gallery, Lahore. 
• 2010 Art for life, Alunmi College of Art & Design, University of the Punjab, and aid of artisan of the Flood affected 
• 2011 Jashn-e-Baharan Group Show at Coopera Art Gallery. 
• 2012 Group Show Sindh' and punjab Artist at Coopera Art Gallery. 2012 Group Show 'A Hymn in Colour' At Coopera Art Gallery. 
• 2012 Art-Aviso 66 Artist From Pakistan Group Show at Hamail Art Gallery in Dubai IJAE 
• 2012 Landscape And Cityscape at Art Asia Gallery 
• 2014 Calligraphy Group Show at Fine Art Gallery Karachi 
• 2014 Group Show of Drawings at Coopera Art Gallery. 
• 2014 The Artist's view: Springs cape at Royaat. Art Gallery Lahore 
• 2014 Pace And Prosperity Group Show of Painting's At Coopera Art Gallery Lahore 
• 2014 Group Show at 'Rhapsody in Green' in Royaat Gallery. 
• 2014 Group Show Lahore Artscene 2014. Artscene gallery Karachi. 2015 Group Show at Royaat art gallery DHA Lahore. 
• 2015 Group Show 'Shades of Soil' Oyster art gallery, Lahore. 
• 2016 Group Show water: Royaat Art Gallary, D.H.A Lahore. 
• 2017 Group Show: Colour Art Gallary , Lahore


• MFA Gold Medalist in 1994, specialization in illustration Fine Art, College of Art and Design, University of the Punjab, Lahore.
• Merit Certificate University of the Punjab.
• Illustration Workshop with Norwegian Artist organized by Prof. Asad Farooqui in NCA 1995.
• Training Programme, Management & Professional Development Department, Govt. of the Punjab 2003.
• Worked as Artist Newspaper in "Daily Nation".
• Daily Nawa-i-Waqt. Daily Frontier Post

Statement OF Artist
Poetry, Literature, Dance, Music, Painting and sculpture and other genres art having flourishing will all the virtues and flows. The architecture of the Mughal has gained international fame and tourist from for and vide come to visit the ruins of the past. Beautiful edifices and architecture helps us in recognizing our slaves. Hence Allama Iqbal rightly said. 

If God bestows you the heart that knows nature
Communicate through the silence of lilacs and roses.

The beautiful ancient building of Lahore stands witness to prestigious grandeur and aestheticism 
So I took up the Streets and Bazar walled city of Lahore as my topics

Date of Birth: 1965-07-15 in Der Ghazi Khan, Pakistan.

Qualification: MFA Gold Medalist in 1994, specialization in illustration Fine Art, College of Art and Design, University of the Punjab, Lahore.

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