Traditional Beauties

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Acrylic on Canvas
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The name is Bouchra Meloui
Country Morocco
Schools The Institute of Fine Arts and the Institute of Fine Art Professor of Fine Arts * Member of the Syndicate of Fine Artists in Morocco * Member of the General Union of Creators in Morocco * Creative Art and Literature member group * Member of the Artists Without Borders World Assembly Member of the International Center for Fine Arts * Ambassador of the General Union of Creators in Morocco * Amen Mal International Plastic Art Forum.
Exhibitions Inside Morocco Solo exhibition in El Bayda in 1993 Collective exhibition, Bab Al-Kabeer, Al-Wadaya, Rabat,
1995 Solo exhibition, Freedom complex, Fez, 1996 Collective exhibition in Nozha Hotel, Fez,
1997 Collective exhibition Al-Hassani Al-Bayda
2017 Group exhibition in Takerkoust Marrakech Region
2018 Outside Morocco Collective exhibition, French Center, Alexandria,
1998 Collective exhibition of the Cairo Opera House in 2002
Collective exhibition Tunisia in 2017
Collective exhibition Istanbul, Turkey in 2018
Collective exhibition in Kirkuk, Iraq in 2018 Collective exhibition in the Pharaonic Village in Cairo in 2018
Collective exhibition in Lebanon in 2018 Group exhibition Istanbul artists around the world 2018
Collective exhibition, Peace Wings, New York, USA, 2018 Collective exhibition, we are all plastic artists,
Istanbul 2019 Electronic exhibitions in Palestine, Iraq, Libya and Egypt in 2020
This is my critical analysis of the work of Moroccan artist Bouchra Melloui. The study is published in an encyclopedia of Arab art, published by the Al-Tayseer Library in Egypt

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