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Oil on Canvas
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Nada Nadj was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina where she spent her childhood and school days. Vienna has been her home for over 25 years now. She started learning painting at the Kunstvolkshochschule in 2006 and passed the classes 2009. Her paintings give her a chance to express her feelings and her view of the world. Thus she likes to experiment a lot with several methods and techniques without settling for only one in particular. She has used oil, acrylic and aquarelle paint in her art works, sometimes even combined in some of her paintings – that way she can still express herself unrestrictedly and constantly open new doors for herself and her art.   
Group Exhibitions 
2019 - Gallery of the Raiffeisen Bank in Langenlois 2019 - Pernersdorf, Austria 2019 - House Doebling 2019 - Alte Schieberkammer of the Vienna Waterworks 2019 - Art Fair Zagreb, Croatia  2018 - Slovenian Cultural Center Vienna 2018 - The Manor House Budmerice, Slovakia 2018 - Alte Schieberkammer of the Vienna Waterworks 2017 - International Art Fair Hirschstetten 2017 - Kunstnetz Gallery Vienna 2016 - Alte Schieberkammer of the Vienna Waterworks 2010 - AKH Gallery 2010 - Lore Muth Gallery 
Solo Exhibitions
2018 - Kunstnetz Gallery Vienna 2017 - Palais Palffy 2017 - Vienna International Center of the United Nations 2017 - Alte Schieberkammer of the Vienna Waterworks 

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